DX Stockholm Day 1 - Let's Explore!

Today I arrived in Stockholm, via Amsterdam, after some incredibly smooth flights, to the sun beaming down on Sweden's beautiful capital city. After dropping my luggage off at the stunning Haymarket by Scandic Hotel, it was time to explore the city!

So after packing my diabetes essentials, I set off map in hand, to Stockholm's main shopping street Queen Street, named after Queen Christina of Sweden. Walking down the cobbled streets the atmosphere in the city was one of excitement and anticipation, as there are some big events planned for here in the coming days. The first of course is the one I'm here for DX Stockholm 2016, then Stockholm will play host to the marathon, followed by the football.

Following the main street across two rivers, I headed towards the Royal Palace and Rikstag Parliament buildings which stand tall, keeping watch over the city's citizens, surrounded by beautiful gardens. The weather that welcomed me to Stockholm today was warm and balmy, so despite the evening hour there were still plenty of people out exploring the city too.

The city was so easy to navigate, that I quickly got my bearings of Stockholm. After heading for some food I strolled back to the hotel, ready for the start of DX Stockholm tomorrow.

Please note that I was been sponsored by Abbott to participate in DX Stockholm 2016


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