DX Stockholm Day 2 - A Night At The Museum

Today marks the official start of DX Stockholm 2016, as I was joined by the Abbott team and members of the diabetes blogging community from all over Europe including Germany, Italy and France, in Stockholm. Together we then headed to the Swedish National Museum of Science and Technology, for THE coolest welcome meeting ever, as we were guided around the museum after dark.

We had a wonderful welcome talk from one of the museum's curators, who told us all about how the concept of the museum was collaboration. Pretty appropriate considering the theme for bloggers' DX Stockholm 2016! Collaboration in creation was between scientists and field specialists, and the all important users- the children. The aim of which was to increase engagement and enjoyment of the museum for Swedish citizens. To test this theory, myself and some of the other bloggers headed to the play zone where we danced, skied and reacted to the interactive attractions.

After breaking for a gluten free dinner, we then headed around the museum to explore 'The Mind' exhibition. One of which installations included the wearing of head pieces, which picked up the wearers' brain signals, enabling a ball at the centre of a table to be moved back and forth without touching it. Apparently I have a very busy brain and won't be making it to the Olympics in this should it become a sport! But it was really innovative to try, and brain power would actually become a theme for the rest of the weekend, for which the focus was 'My Future, My Choices'.

Also in the museum was a really interesting exhibit on historical pharmaceuticals and devices, including would you believe, type 1 diabetes equipment. Ranging from an early syringe made completely out of metal to the modern day and an insulin pump and pens! This truly was an interesting and innovative place to start DX 2016!

Please note that I was been sponsored by Abbott to participate in DX Stockholm 2016


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