DX Stockholm Day 3 - We Run Sweden!

If there was ever a more appropriate day to go out and run, whilst exploring the city- I can't imagine a better day than today, as it's also the day of the Stockholm Marathon! Today Abbott kindly provided us with Dan, a clever runner/ tour guide. I say he's clever because telling us about interesting facts and figures about the city whilst leading the run is not an easy feat! But it did make for a really innovative running experience.

Photo credits: Run with me Stockholm

The other runners and I met before 7am outside the hotel, we knew it was early because where we met is also the venue for the Haymarket fruit and vegetable market and we were even out ahead of the traders! But it was the perfect time to run, as the cobbled streets of the city were incredibly quiet, despite the sun being bright even at this early hour!

We made our way across the many city bridges and past the Royal Palace and Parliament buildings to the edge of the Baltic Sea that surrounds this part of Sweden. It also connects the many islands around Stockholm, that we had the pleasure of running through. We also enjoyed pacing through the harbour and its many boats and ships, before reaching our final destination 5km later back at the hotel.

Blood glucose wise it was challenging to predict what kind of effect the run would have, because whilst fit, I'm not a long distance runner as you'll know. And as I've blogged about at length before, morning training has a completely different effect to the evening on my diabetes. However, with the use of jelly babies and no temp basal, I managed to run a straight line on the CGM throughout the run. But I was sure to prioritise breakfast when we got back to help me refuel.

There was a very international feel to our run group, with participants representing nations ranging from myself from the UK, to France, Italy, America and even Australia. But what had brought us all together was our passion for running, and diabetes. We all managed it in different ways but we all pushed past possible to balance our diabetes and exercise to push past the finish line in Stockholm!


  1. Great article Melanie and thanks for joining me on the run! :=)



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