Yoga With An Ocean View

This morning, before breakfast, I had the calming experience of joining a yoga class on the dock jutting out into the ocean of my hotel! I've only ever done one yoga class before, so I was a little nervous. But if you can't give it a go in paradise then when can you?

We started the class at 8am, so I got up early to check my blood glucose levels, calibrate my CGM and get ready. I purposely didn't bring my gym kit with me away, because although I love being active. It's my honeymoon and my body and mind needed a little break from high intensity work outs. But I did bring my Anna PS cami vest top with the side pockets that helped me store my pump and diabetes supplies easily and safely.

We started the yoga with a warm-up and stretching before getting into the routine itself. It was so alien to me to be exercising without dashing about and making explosive movements. But as the class went on and I concentrated on my breathing and the sound of the ocean around us, it didn't take me long at all to relax and start to enjoy the yoga. 

The yoga teacher was lovely, helping show us the right positions by doing them herself and moving me when I needed help. She even did some chanting at one point which was such a calming influence. After the class I tested my glucose levels again and headed to breakfast to refuel and rehydrate after probably one of the most scenic yoga classes that I'll ever experience.


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