Bristol International Balloon Fiesta

This weekend camera club resumed, and we headed over to Bristol for their International Balloon Fiesta. I'd never had the pleasure of going before, but I had seen the pictures from the even over the years and was desperate to go!

Arriving at Ashton Court, a beautiful manor house situated in the south-west of the city. We made our way to the field where the hot air balloon taken offs would be. Which caused a bit of a diabetes dilemma, because the walk from the car was over a mile and it was tea time. Thankfully my CGM picked this up however and suspended me before low.

We got to the field just in time to see the first few balloons being 'blown up' (I'm sure that's not the technical term). Before their riders got in and and each hot air balloon accelerated up and over the horizon. 

It was a beautiful sight to see the variation of colours, shapes and sizes of the balloons, painting the sky with their different patterns. I can't wait to see what next year's fiesta has to offer!


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