Healthy Halloween Food Ideas

Halloween is so often an occasion that is centred around dressing up, and consuming treats full of sugar, which is not ideal for those of us with type 1 diabetes. Whilst I appreciate that we can eat many things in moderation, if there is an opportunity to enjoy halloween, but with a healthy snack then all the better in my opinion!

Chilli-Pepper 'Pumpkin' Idea

Whilst my husband was carving up our big pumpkin this weekend, I had the idea of making a miniature pumpkin. This idea developed further when I also decided to make a 5-veg, beef chilli to warm us up over the weekend. There are many tasty chilli recipes out there, and mine is a family one, passed down to me from my Mum.

My Halloween Costume

When I had cooked my chilli and it was simmering, I used this opportunity to core my orange 'pumpkin' pepper. But first ensuring to carefully cut the top off, so as to resemble a pumpkin lid. I then made a spooky carving for the face of the pepper pumpkin and removed all of the spare parts. I then filled the pepper with chilli, which resembled the 'innards' of the pumpkin, using my scary food.

Ready for a Halloween Party with Friends

However, if you don't fancy making a 'chilli pepper pumpkin', then the vicious veg also makes a pretty ghoulish decoration for a halloween party too. So I hope you enjoy my healthy halloween food idea, and that you have a happy and healthy halloween yourselves!

Pepper Pumpkin with Chocolate Crumb 'Soil'


Please be careful when cooking and always enlist the help of an adult/ be safe and careful when using knives. These are just some fun ideas that I've enjoyed making!


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