Beyond Type 1 Snail Mail Club

You may have seen on my social media feed that a few weeks ago, that I signed up for the Beyond Type 1 Snail Mail club. The aim of which is to, I believe, connect people living with type 1 diabetes from around the world. In order to help us feel more like a global community, than individuals battling through living with the condition in isolation.

Beyond Type 1 Snail Mail Club

Beyond type 1 is a social organisation aiming to change and improve the type 1 landscape. The snail mail club is aimed at children, teenagers (and adults) and aims to highlight the importance of personal communication. Which I think is a lovely idea, because ironically, quite often the only people that I write to by hand are the GP surgery when I need to change the details on my diabetes prescription. Even as an adult, I still find it exciting to receive a handwritten letter land on my door mat, and I think the thought of the letter being from a new friend with T1 in a far off country is really cool.

Snail Mail Pack

The way that I found the club worked, is that you can sign up online (children with the help of an adult) giving a couple of details. Then Beyond Type 1 work to match you up with a pen pal based on the answers you've given. Following this, once I was matched, I was sent out my starter kit (pictured above) with the tools needed to get writing to my pen pal, whose details are also enclosed in the pack.

Snail Mail Introduce Yourself Postcard

I imagine that knowing what to write first can be a little challenging, so it's really handy that there's a postcard specifically for that first introduction (picture above), to help get the conversation going!
Then of course the next thing to do is for me to get writing to my pen pal and await their response!

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