World Diabetes Day: Medtronic #HypoHeroes

It's my pleasure to let you know Medtronic's plans for World Diabetes Day (WDD) this year. Which I'm pleased to announce is all about a new and exciting campaign called #HypoHeroes. The aim of the campaign, as I understand it, is to provide education on hypoglycaemia for people with diabetes, parents, healthcare professionals and the public. It is also, in my mind, a way to help battle the stigma that can be associated with having hypos.

Medtronic conducted a survey of over 1000 people with type 1 diabetes from across Europe, the questions were based on people's thoughts of hypoglycaemia. Their feedback has then formed the inspiration for the campaign, new website content and educational materials, which are all pretty powerful. Which covers many aspects of hypos with diabetes from facts and treatment,  night time, exercise, food, psyhchology and school. HypoHeroes is a campaign that will extend beyond WDD. However, for WDD day today, there are lots of chances with the campaign to help raise awareness! You will also be able to make your own HypoHero, complete with cape and mask, which looks like them. I had great fun creating mine (I think you'll agree she looks like me too!)

My Own Hypo Hero Character

My personal opinion on the campaign, when I first saw it in Barcelona was that it was very original and innovative, because whilst I've seen hypo awareness campaigns before. I don't think I've really seen one that had the message of; yes hypos are serious, but you're brave to be dealing with them and have nothing to be ashamed of, before. Which is important.

An Infographic on Difficulties of Hypo Management 

Also as part of the #HypoHeroes campaign, you will also be able to nominate your own hypo hero nominee- who is someone that helps them deal with their hypos. Whether this be a parent who is always there with a sugary drink when they need it, or a teacher who understands and supports someone to deal with their hypos safely. Also, if more than 5,000 nominations are received, Medtronic will make a donation to the International Diabetes Federation, my heroes!


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