Armed and Ready for Training

In the last few months I've made what has felt like a very big change to my diabetes... Not only have I started using 90 degree insert sets for my insulin pump, but I'm wearing them in my arm! I'd been thinking about making the change for a while, because I've been on an insulin pump for nearly a decade now and whilst I do rotate my sites regularly, they still felt like they needed a little rest. So I decided to speak to my diabetes nurse about the change, and she agreed and was very supportive. Telling me how to use them and warning me to keep a very close eye on my blood glucose levels, especially initially to make sure that my insulin uptake didn't change because of the newness of the area and how much I use my arms within sprinting.

Armed with a New Set and Ready for Training

The very first time I put a Mio set in by myself, I stood in front of the mirror after reading the instructions what felt like a million times. Took a deep breath, and hardly felt a thing when the needle went in. But you know how it is, sometimes with diabetes the anticipation and the thought of the needle is worse than the thing itself and my confidence has grown with every set change so that I no long need a mirror.

Circuit Training

Slowly, one by one I introduced the different types of training back into my routine, as I just wanted to be careful and to study any changes that might happen. First it was general running, and actually, it felt really comfortable and even emancipating not to have a set near my waistband. I then tried out weights and circuits, and had no problem with the adhesive or getting tangled with it/ sweating on it. During my first circuits session I forgot I was wearing it until my coach asked what it was, of course I had forgotten that usually my sets are hidden so he had never seen one before. With weights I was a little hesitant when doing overhead lifts, as I have long arms and wasn't sure how long the tubing would stretch, but it was fine as long as the pump itself was located high enough on me.

Weight Lifting - Pump in my T-Shirt

Finally, it was time to do a blocks session with my new pump set. It felt like a big deal because blocks are one of the most technical aspects of sprinting, and to gather momentum from the stationary position, you have to split and then drive your arms very forcefully. But it was just like the inset 30- in that as long as the set is inserted properly and is happy, I didn't feel a thing.

Starting Blocks

I've only noticed a marginal increase in my insulin sensitivity, and my basal insulin has altered by about 2 units less. However, the intensity of our training is at its greatest at the moment, so I'm sure that this is not all down to the set type. I find new technology a reassuring part of diabetes management because it reminds me that we're not alone in managing it and that there are whole companies of people working to improve our day to day lives with the condition.


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