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During my time of having type 1 diabetes, I feel like I've been on a journey, and a friend that has helped me on that journey has been the Carb and Calorie counter book and more recently the app.

Even before I was learning to carb count, the original books taught me about the carbohydrate contents of different foods, so that I could make informed decisions and meal times. When I did learn to carb count, my pocket guide was always with me in my handbag with the nutritional information I needed. So when the Carbs and Cals team got in touch to ask if I'd like an updated copy their Carb and Calorie Counter book, along with the new Smoothies book and Salads book, I couldn't wait for them to arrive!

New Books in the Carbs and Cals series

The first thing I noticed about the Carb and Calorie book is how beautiful it is, the layout of the different foods, all sectioned into neat groups throughout the book, makes it very easy to reference and read. What I also find particularly helpful is the way that a food is laid out in increasing portion sizes. This is so important with diabetes and carb counting, especially when eating out, because not all portion sizes are the same. And there's nothing worse than the idea of overcompensating the carbs and insulin for a meal, and risking going hypo.

Carbs and Cals - Carbs and Calorie Counter Book

With my student dietitian hat on, I find it incredibly useful to use the portions as a reference guide when creating a menu or calculating the nutritional intake of a food. Not an assignment goes by when I don't reference Carbs and Cals in my work, and of course the Carbs and Cals series are written by dietitians Chris Cheyette and Yello Balolia which is fantastic.

Carbs and Cals - Making Carb Counting at Mealtimes Easier

You'll have seen on my social media channels that I'm very much into blended smoothies. I love the benefits of retaining the nutrients found in fruit (and veg if you're feeling adventurous), whilst helping you to achieving 5 a day when I make them myself. When I've spoken to other people with diabetes about smoothies, I've understood that there's a little fear around the sugar content of them.

But this is exactly why the Carbs and Cals Smoothie book is particularly clever, because not only does it clearly define and help educate on the difference between blended smoothies, and juicing (which is the more refined and potentially higher sugar option). The book also contains great recipe ideas, with the carbs, protein and fibre content provided. Additionally, if someone is looking to learn about the right portions of fruit and veg that contribute to 5 a day, this is a great way to get to grips with it.

Helpful Hints in the Carbs and Cals - Smoothies Book

Another area of food and nutrition that I'm aware that some people with diabetes find challenging is salads. Are there carbs in it?/ Is there not? It can raise quite a few questions. Or sometimes there can be questions around what to put in the salad other than the usual suspects, because that's the thing about food, it can be fun aswell as functional and healthy.

For me, the salad book ticks alot of boxes with its great recipe ideas (a great place to start if you're learning to gain confidence in preparing food from scratch). There are stunning colour photos of how the salad could look, and each recipe idea is accompanied by the carb, protein, fat, sat fat, fibre and calorie values. Which, as I mentioned at the start of the blog, being aware of the nutrient content of foods, really helps grow your knowledge base and confidence when making food decisions.

Carbs and Cals - Salads Book

Thank you to the Carbs and Cals team for sending me these great new books.

This is not a sponsored blog post, Carbs and Cals kindly sent me the Carb and Calorie Counter, Smoothies and Salads books. Which I decided to write about in my own words.


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