Festive Food Idea Day 6 - Bauble Breads

Today's Festive Food Idea is a savoury sensation - it's Bauble Breads!

Makes 6 baubles


- 6 slices medium sliced brown bread (gluten free if prefered)
- 3 slices medium sliced white bread (gluten free if prefered)
- 6 slices wafer thin cooked ham
- cheese slice (1cm wide x 3cm high)

Method (Little helpers will need an adult's help with the cutting elements)

1. Using a cookie cutter, cut a circle out of the brown bread so there are 6 bases and place to one side

2. Repeat this with the ham and position on top of the brown bread

3.Using 3 cookie cutter shapes, cut two designs from each (6 in total) and position on top of the bread

4. Carefully cut the cheese into 6 strips, fold in half and position under the white bread but on top of the ham, to look like the bauble's string

The meat and cheese elements of the dish can be replaced with vegetarian alternatives


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