Conquering Diabetes in 2017

I can't believe that we're in 2017 already, I honestly don't know where the time during 2016 went. But for me personally, 2016 was a wonderful year and I feel like a reached a lot of milestones, both in relation to my diabetes and not. I got married and had the honeymoon of a lifetime, I travelled to Sweden and Barcelona with my diabetes, won a few awards, spoke at Cambridge University, was published in Dietetics Today, on Buzz Feed and the Running Bug and I got to work with some amazing brands. So in short, I have a lot to be thankful for!


This year got off to a bit of a muddled start training wise, as Christmas and New Year is often full of odd opening hours for facilities. But my training group, myself and the coaches are nothing if not resourceful and so we've kept fit over Christmas by training early when the track is open, by doing different types of circuits and by heading to the sand dunes.

Training with the Essentials (and a sensor)

When you're used to spending nearly everyday with the squad and then having a few days break, it's nice when you come back to together. But what was especially nice about starting back training was that it's an opportunity to get my blood glucose levels back into a routine again. I didn't go crazy over Christmas with junk food, but the change in exercise routine saw my basal insulin rate increase by 3 units (I've also had a cold). Don't misunderstand my comments for a complaint however, because I feel fortunate that when I make adjustments to my basal rate on my pump. That this is something that was a lot more challenging to do on injections.

First outdoor track session of 2017

But I think I'm getting there, the sand dunes were a hypo free occasion, thanks to close monitoring, a temporary basal and jelly babies, despite how physically exerting they are. And now the next challenge is going to be starting blocks and circuits on Wednesday, but I'm looking forward to the training and diabetes challenges of 2017 and to competing!


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