I Am Not a Diabetes Robot

This week I had diabetes clinic. My last clinic appointment was always going to be a tough act to follow, because I achieved a new personal best for my hba1c of 7.0% - the best I can ever remember achieving outside of the honeymoon period that follows diagnosis.

However, the other reason I knew this clinic might be a little different was because I had my flu jab a little later this year and before having it, picked up a number of coughs and colds. As people with diabetes, we know that we can be more susceptible to such things, and two or three times I'd been caught by them. This is the reason why I think my hba1c increased to 7.6%, which was disappointing.

But in context, a few years ago I remember being pleased when my hba1c was at this level, as it was a sign of how hard I had worked to manage my glucose levels, diet and insulin. My consultant was incredibly understanding, there was no telling off or dwelling on it, because I know she understands that I'm a person, and not a diabetes robot and that these setbacks happen.

As I see it, it's a bit like the athletics season really, when you have a bad race and the time doesn't come out how you wanted. It doesn't mean that I haven't put in the training and the hard work, it doesn't mean that I'm not motivated or that I don't care. But a bad race also doesn't mean that the next one won't be a podium position, with continued effort and training. So I'm not going to let my latest hba1c stop me, I have my next clinic date and I'm going to use this time to do my best to stay healthy, keep monitoring my glucose levels well and my diet and in 4 months time. So I hope I can tell you then that I'm back in the 7.0% squad!


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