Walking in a Winter Wonderland with Toe Tec

This weekend I took a very excited Godson and family to see Santa at Margam Park - a country park and manor on the Welsh coast. It was an action packed day and the crisp, cold winter weather set the scene perfectly.

Walking in a Winter Wonderland

So, wrapped up warm in our bobble hats, gloves and Toe Tec socks we headed to see Santa first. Whilst waiting for him to land and others stamped their feet and shook their legs to keep their feet warm, I stood comfy and cozy in my socks- snug as a bug. But this was no ordinary Santa visit, because we saw the man himself and his many reindeer, as they all appeared over the horizon, to meet us in the shadow of the great manor house.

Margam Park

After reassuring Santa that despite what he might have heard from his elves, we had all been very good, we headed out walking to discover the rolling landscape of Margam. Taking in the breathtaking landscape as we navigated the lake and hills, and the cold bit at my cheeks and nose, you'd have been forgiven for thinking we were in Scandinavia rather than south Wales it was so picturesque.

Picture Postcard

Our walk continued and took us all around the farm and reindeer fields, we walked for miles. But it didn't matter, as my blood glucose levels behaved themselves staying between 5.6mmol and 7.5mmol the entire day and into the evening thanks to all of the exercise. As I put my feet up after all of the walking, they weren't throbbing or pinching from the uneven terrain thanks to my Toe Tec socks and their padded soles I think... perhaps Santa could do with a pair too?

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