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This morning I was up bright and early to join BBC Radio Wales for the Saturday newspaper review, for which I joined presenters Peter and Kayley to discuss the day's news.

Looking through the day's newspapers before the show, there were a number of very interesting stories. But the ones I selected included;

- The black market supply of lettuces
- The 90 year old man who took up running in his 80's
- The pacific island that is about to ban foreign imports of junk food

I was also joined as a guest on the show by rugby international Philipa Tuttiett, whom I had the pleasure of chatting with before the show. I was incredibly inspired by her devotion to her sport and the time she gives to mentoring young people through sport to help them gain valuable life skills. Philipa chose her first story, which was about a female rugby player who was celebrating her 100th cap. Which reflected the journey that women's rugby had gone on in becoming recognised as a professional sport.

In many ways, the three stories I chose were quite closely linked and added to the health and fitness feel of the morning's stories. The papers mentioned that the storms in the Mediterranean had been causing difficulties with lettuce supply to the UK supermarket chains. So some people were taking advantage of the situation and selling the vegetable on the black market for up to £4/ lettuce. But the real focus of the story is that there are number of fantastic British seasonal vegetables that are available in ready supply, that can also offer the vitamins and minerals that lettuce does.

However, in contrast to this, a region of Vanuatu in the Pacific is considering banning 'foreign' junk food in order to protect the current and future health of its people. Dental cavities have increased amongst young people of the island and the authorities appear to have decided that it's time to take action. Which could become a lesson to other cultures and future generations if the motion proves successful. That relates to the final story that you're never too old to take up running and do your best to help your health.

If you'd like to listen again to the show, it's available here


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