We Can, Want And Dare... And We Have Type 1 Diabetes! This World Book Day

It's not every World Book Day that you get to read something so exciting about people with type 1 diabetes breaking down barriers and smashing stereotypes! But 'We Can, Want And Dare... And We Have Diabetes' contains exactly that.

The Book - We Can, Want and Dare... And We Have Type 1 Diabetes

Written by two incredible women with type 1 diabetes, that I have the honour of calling friends; Anna Sjoberg and Sofia Larsson-Stern. The book is full of inspiring people from all around the world, doing sports, having adventures and fighting for the rights of people who have type 1, that happen to have type 1 diabetes themselves. There are also some lovely features which include the healthcare professionals who lend their support and expertise, so that we with the condition can chase our dreams.

A Peak the Great Content Within the Book

I've never had the pleasure of reading anything like this before, that gives such an insightful and engaging look at the thoughts and lives of people with the condition. If somebody had handed me this book in the days after my diagnosis, I can imagine it providing so much light. At what can sometimes be quite a dark time, when you've been told you have a condition that you don't know anything about and when you aren't quite sure what the future will hold. Seeing these men and women, boys and girls achieving their ambitions, is an incredibly hopeful and positive message, not just for people who have been diagnosed, but for their loved ones too.

My Feature in the Book

It's an honour for me to be featured in the book with these incredible people. But I think that the book also serves to show that we are a community, not just in our home nations, but around the world aswell. And for a condition that can sometimes make people feel alone, isolated or like they're the only one going through it. This book reminds you that we are together, that we can, want and dare to live the best life with our diabetes!

One of Many Inspiring Messages in the Book

If you would like to order a copy of the book you can do so here, some of the proceeds will go to the Swedish Diabetes Foundation

P,s- This is not a sponsored post


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