Toe Tec And Putting A Spring In Your Step

Spring has most definitely sprung, and as I prepare for the upcoming outdoor athletics season, I know that many are also preparing for the marathon season just around the corner. So this blog is all about looking after, arguably, the most important component of your race day - your feet.

Diabetes UK (2017) mention that for people with diabetes, regular glucose testing and maintaining a healthy blood glucose level is key to looking after ourselves. In the long term it may also help reduce the possibilities of foot related complications in later life. Regular foot checks are part of the 15 healthcare essentials that people with diabetes can expect to receive from their healthcare professionals. So being aware of this and asking the question at clinic will help provide professional support and advice for feet.

Daily checks of our feet are also one way of trying to pick up foot problems early, and subsequently notifying our healthcare professional about them if we have any concerns. I personally find that when I'm getting out of the shower and drying my feet is a good time to check my feet. Over the numerous years that I've been wearing my Toe Tec socks, I've noticed a visible reduction in the blisters associated with training that I used to see. Seamless construction on the forefoot and toes truly reduces rubbing and soreness, especially if the session or run is a lengthy one!

As marathon runners and shorter distance runners like myself start to add speed into training sessions, ready to reduce those times. I also find the gently ribbed style of the Toe Tec socks supportive around my achilles and ankle joint as I'm starting to pound the track, and especially the bends, that little harder. With the signs of Spring well and truly visible, it won't be long until we'll be getting our feet out in open toed shoes. So I think it's worth putting in the hard work and looking after them now, to reap the benefits in the good weather later!

      This blog post was kindly sponsored by the team at Reed Medical and Toe Tec socks.


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