Champion's League Final Kicking Off In Cardiff

This Bank Holiday weekend has been a busy one in the city of Cardiff, perhaps no where near as busy as next weekend, when the final of the UEFA Champions league for men and women will be played out. But preparations are well under way in the capital city, ready to hold one of the world's biggest sporting events!

Taking a weekend stroll around Cardiff Bay today, there was a real atmosphere of excitement as the floating football pitch was set up on the water of Mermaid Quay. I've never seen a floating pitch before and whilst it looks amazing, it's a pretty unusual concept to get your head around let me tell you. Especially when you've grown up seeing the swans and seagulls paddling around in this part of the bay!

However, it's incredibly exciting to have such a prestigious sporting event come to the city and all of the passionate supporters the final football matches will bring with them!


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