A Spring In The Step

Whilst unpredictable at times, the weather we're having at the moment is my absolute favourite to exercise in. When the sun is shining high in the sky, or even when there's a drizzling rain, I love getting out onto the track or into the park and going running.

Nature is at its best at the moment too, so I find that a run is never boring when seeing the Spring flower offering and feeling the buzz of nature around you, intermingled with the hustle and bustle of city living. Whatever the environment, I'm always found running in my Toe Tec socks. 

The marriage of tradition and modern is a bit like the fabric mix of Toe Tec socks. A cotton base helps with absorbance and with feet staying cool in the warm weather. Whilst the lycra provides modern flexibility and fit around the foot, for a smoother running ride.

Since incorporating longer distance runs into my training routine, I haven't noticed any change in the performance of my Toe Tec socks. Which is surprising considering the distance I now cover, but whether it's bounding around the track or pacing along the running path, there's still a spring in my step!

This blog was kindly sponsored by the team at Toe Tec and Reed Medical


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