Passion For Pumps At The Insulin Pump Wales Network Meeting

A wonderful new initiative is being developed in Wales, headed by Chris Headland which is the Insulin Pump Wales Network. Created with the aim of supporting, informing and developing insulin pump use within Wales, the network held its first meeting this weekend at the Village Hotel in Swansea.

Brought Together by Our Passion for Pumps!

The meeting saw 8 patients from the diabetes community in South Wales come together to discuss the future of insulin pumps and resources in Wales. It was a wonderful opportunity to share insulin pumping thoughts and experiences, stories and reflections. The day started with an opening address from Chris, who outlined that the Network had been set up by the NHS. The day was both interactive and informative, consisting of active workshops and presentations from Chris and fellow pumper Ros. One such workshop was one that was aimed at the creation of resources for fellow people with diabetes and also healthcare professionals who interact with us. The ideas put forward by the groups were incredibly innovative and very relatable.

The Insulin Pump Wales, South Squad

The group that I was working in wished to created resources for the IPW website which will be launched in a few weeks time on nutrition and diabetes. Taking inspiration from the Diabeter clinic, we wished to bridge the gap between the medical field of nutrition and diabetes. As people with a condition so closely related to energy and carbohydrates, dietitians play a central role to our care and education. However, we might not always see our dietitians as frequently as other HCPs (healthcare professionals in the team), but the group expressed a wish to be able to be kept updated on topic of nutrition and diabetes by a dietitian. So our idea was a regular blog, from a dietitian and also a video series (as we'd like to create an Insulin Pumps Wales YouTube channel) where a dietitian and a patient can discuss the nutrition topics together.

There were also great ideas from the other group on creating a model around the transition onto an insulin pump, inspired by their own varying experiences of the event. With so many great ideas flying around, we're looking forward to implementing them and keeping you updated!


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