Parkrun Diabetes Champions

Well, it's been a pretty tough secret to keep from you the last few months, but I'm so pleased to finally  share that I've been selected as one of Parkrun's UK Diabetes Champions!

For those of you who haven't joined the Parkrun revolution yet, it's an incredible organisation that powered by volunteers, puts on 5km running events every Saturday morning throughout the UK. Whether a beginner having never run before, or a seasoned athlete, Parkrun is for everybody to enjoy. You don't even have to be a runner to be involved however, because as I mentioned- an army of volunteers support the events every week cheering runners on and making sure that the events can go ahead.

So where I come into this is that Parkrun has been awarded funding to help promote even greater access to the walk-jog-run event, which has formed the PROVE project to which the diabetes champions belong. The aim of our role (team pictured above), as there are 6 of us with different relationships with the condition, spread throughout the UK is to help get more people with diabetes active. A passion that has been close to my heart since I took up running following diabetes diagnosis 16 years ago, I'd love to share the benefits that I've received through participating in physical activity with others.

Over the next few weeks we'll be launching the Parkrun for people living with diabetes initiative, so keep your eyes peeled for updates!


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