Abbott Freestyle Libre System Reimbursement

What is the Freestyle Libre?

The Libre is a diabetes technology device, the sensor is the size of a £2 coin and is worn on the upper arm. It contains a small needle that sits in the interstitial fluid and can read the glucose level in the body*. A hand held device is then used to scan the device to get a glucose reading, that shows up on screen in addition to arrows depicting the direction of the glucose levels. The device can also give an 8 hr graph of what glucose levels have been doing. However, it's important to note that despite not requiring blood to scan, blood tests are still needed understandably, to confirm hypos and highs.

What's going on?

It's with great excitement that I share with you that Abbott, the company who make the Freestyle Libre system have secured potential reimbursement on the NHS starting in November! I don't have too many details on this at the moment, but hope to find out more soon.

What could this mean?

But potentially what it could mean is that if people with diabetes meet requirements set, then they will be able to get a Freestyle Libre device and or sensors on the NHS. My personal opinion and not that of the company, is that it could be a similar arrangement to CGM (continuous glucose monitoring) sensors. With those, I met the criteria that I needed them for my diabetes care, in accordance with NICE guidelines and was able to order them through the NHS. We are awaiting to hear if the Libre devices will work the same way and I will keep you posted on this when I hear more.

Why is this important?

The potential reimbursement of Abbott Freestyle Libre on the NHS is important because the device is a revolutionary tool that can help people of all ages, in my opinion to help manage their diabetes care. I've spoken to parents who use it to test their child's glucose levels in the night without* the need for finger pricking. I've spoken to people at events who felt that they had fallen out with their diabetes and have regained control over their condition again by being able to scan their glucose levels when they need to. And then there's me, as an athlete, an adventurer and everyday person, when I use the Libre I appreciate being able to have the support of the Libre system to scan on the go as I get on with the big and little moments in life.


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