Cardiff 10k For People With Diabetes

I blogged a few months back about my journey with Parkrun, in becoming a Diabetes Champion and the enjoyment I've experienced in meeting other people with diabetes whilst staying fit. I've always gone along to Parkrun with my husband, as it's something that we can enjoy doing together and we have fun comparing our runs and seeing each other's progress.

That's why I was so proud when my husband progressed even further with his running, which he took up this year, when he decided to enter the Cardiff 10k for Diabetes UK and to support the charity with the funds he and his work colleagues raised, which totalled over £300!

There were over 4,000 people who turned out to run the Cardiff 10k which was also in association with kidney Wales, another great cause. The day was a wet and wild one and I had so much respect for every athlete that braved the cold and the torrential rain to run and raise money for their chosen charity. I left truly inspired!

My husband has since caught the running bug and has recently completed his second 10k race in the Swansea Bay meet that was held last weekend. He's put in the hard work, but he calls his Diabetes UK vest and his Toe Tec socks his 'lucky kit' now because his running is going so well. But there's no luck involved, because I know from my own running experience that Toe Tec socks are built to last- for people with hard working feet and also for those with diabetes. They've got arch support to keep pace when you change pace in a race and ankle support which can be especially beneficial when pounding pavements.

This blog was kindly sponsored by the team at Toe Tec, however my husbands thoughts and opinions are his own


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