BDA Study Day

This week myself and my friend and fellow dietetic student headed to Birmingham for the British Dietetic Association's Sports Nutrition Study Group's day on 'Management of Athletes with Diabetes'. A topic so close to my heart and with an excellent line-up of speakers, I couldn't help but be excited about the day and I wasn't disappointed!

The event was held in the Studio, located in the heart of Birmingham city centre and was attended by dietitians, nutritionists and nutrition students from all around the UK. The first speaker of the day was Dr Matthew Campbell, who spoke about the complex pathophysiology behind what happens when a person with type 1 diabetes participates in exercise. It was a fascinating talk and what was particularly interesting about the talk too, was that he compared the events on what happens when a person without diabetes exercises too. Dr Campbell has been instrumental in conducting a number of research projects with the team at Swansea University who host the Diabetes and Sports events in Wales, so it was great to hear him talk about his findings.

The next talk was a really innovatively formatted one, delivered by sports dietitian James Moran and professional cyclist with type 1 diabetes Sam Brand who rides for pro team Novo Nordisk. Both spoke individually about their backgrounds in sport and nutrition respectively and then spoke together about how they collaborated to achieve optimum nutrition for Sam's performance. Followed by lunch there was an interesting talk from Dr Catherine Norton who was working for a professional rugby side in Ireland when one of her players started exhibiting the symptoms of type 1. Then Dr Nicky Kime finished the day with an interactive presentation on diabetes behavioural change.


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