Putting My Racing Socks Through Their Paces!

There's no two ways about, this week I have run further than I've ever run in my life! On Sunday, I ran my very first 10km run and race in the Mo Run. The conditions were wet and slippery under foot and the terrains were really quite varied as the route took us through one of the city's biggest parks- across fields, gravel paths and tarmac.

On World Diabetes Day I participated in the GP surgery awareness run and covered a distance of 20km, (just when you think you can't run any further). But this was all city running, along pavements and road as we weaved our way from the south to the north. This was all new to me in terms of distance and terrain and wasn't sure what to expect having swapped the soft mondo track for the road, for this event.

Whilst there were a few decisions to make on what to wear for my runs- lots of pockets and storage spaces for my race run and lots of layers for warmth on my WDD run. But what to wear on my feet was a simple decision - my Toe Tec socks and gosh did I put them through their paces. In many ways I wasn't surprised, but having never run that kind of distance before, I was somewhat amazed by the fact that I didn't get a hint of rubbing or a single blister on my feet during the runs.

I think my lack of blisters was down to the seam-free construction of the socks and snug fit without any kind of bagging, because this meant that there was nothing for my foot to rub on whilst running. I also think that the ribbed construction around my achilles held the socks in place and gave great ankle support on the uneven terrain. It was also really helpful to have socks that could help regulate temperature because you need to be able to feel what's under foot when running. Especially as the winter months and colder climate conditions draw in, who wants to let a little cool weather get in the way of being active with diabetes!

This blog was kindly sponsored by the team at Toe Tec, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.


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