Preparing for Going Abroad With Diabetes

This Sunday I'll be heading off to India, to do some travelling and to spend Christmas. I'll be spending a little bit of time finding out what the management of diabetes care is like here and also spending time with my family and I can't wait!

As we have so many adventures planned, I also needed to do some good planning for my diabetes. Said planning started nearly two months ago and began with ordering a loaner pump and then my additional supplies for my insulin pump. I wouldn't be without it, but having a pump does require a lot more supplies than when I was on injections because there are so many consumables that go with it. This order included things like infusion sets (the needles that deliver the insulin), cartridges (that hold the insulin), batteries and also very importantly my Enlite sensors for continuous glucose monitoring. I also ordered my Freestyle Libre scanning devices for swift testing on the go. The next thing I did was a big trip to the pharmacy to get glucose supplies such as glucose shots and tubs of glucose tablets. These are particularly helpful when doing the actual travelling, with the restriction that exists on liquids that measure over 100ml. I also headed to the doctors to get my prescription filled for the journey, with all of the usual blood glucose strips and insulin. But also the emergency orange injections to treat very severe hypos and glucagon gel, just in case.

As part of my latter preparations I laid out everything I needed, ready to pack in my hand luggage and submerged my Frio packs in water, to keep my insulin at the right temperature. I packed the Frio packs in the Medpac bags I'd been kindly given and made sure I had my medical exemption letter from the diabetes specialist too. I carry it anyway, but when I went away on honeymoon, the airline I flew with then almost refused my separate bag with medical supplies. So I'd be afraid to be without it now!


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