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This evening sees an exciting announcement by Abbott, the makers of the flash monitoring system for people with diabetes- the Freestyle Libre. A little while back I brought you the news that Abbott were developing the FreeStyle LibreLink app for android phones. But now the exciting news is that the LibreLink app is also available for the i-phone.

A little bit more on the specifics- the app for i-phone will be available for i-phone 7 users and new models there after. For those who haven't used the flash monitoring system before, it involves wearing a small £2 coin sized device on the arm which acts as a sensor to what is going on with glucose levels. Then you scan the sensor with a hand-held device and the glucose level appears on the screen.

The mobile app will differ from what's currently available because it means that the mobile phone can become the scanner, if connected to the sensor during the warm-up. Which means that in theory you only need to carry one device to scan with, all the better to get on with life whilst managing diabetes.

The display on the app/ phone is bigger than the reader display, it will have text to speech capabilities for glucose readings and it can log smaller doses of insulin- 0.1 units instead of 0.5 units. The update, as part of Abbott's Digital Health Solution initiative will also include the addition on the website of a list of the compatible Android smartphones too.

Using the Freestyle Libre Abroad


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