Managing Diabetes in Cold Weather

Managing diabetes can be challenging at times, blood glucose levels can drop in warm weather and sometimes I find that they can go either way in cold. Whether you're shivering and using up energy or cold and moving around less, management in cold weather definitely needs its own consideration.

This weekend my husband was running the Pontypool 10km race and I was part of the supporters club. It was a beautifully clear day, so lovely and cool running conditions, but a pretty chilly one for spectators. He was wearing his Toe Tec socks as usual, because they've got wicking properties that work especially well towards the latter part of the race when the body heats up and the feet start to sweat. The socks are able to bring the moisture to the surface to evaporate and leave the feet fresh and cool.

Sending the runners off on their way once the gun had gone off, it was time for me to take a Sunday stroll around Pontypool park to stave off the cold and in preparation for the Snowdon 500 Challenge. I had numerous layers on, except for on my feet, as I was wearing my own pair of the ribbed Toe Tec with a cushioned sole and ribbed ankles. I particularly like the no-seam construction around the toes and the ankles that fits smoothly into a pair of boots. Then before we knew it the runners were back and it was a victory lap for my husband to cool down and for the performance of the Toe Tec socks!


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