Wales Advisory Council For Diabetes

There was a fantastic turn out for the Wales Advisory Council for diabetes today. I've sat on the council for nearly 6 years now and currently have the honour of holding the position of Deputy Chair, representing the patient voice. But when I looked around the room, it wasn't just patients that were well represented on the council, there were patients with different types of diabetes, Diabetes UK, healthcare professionals, including GPs, Consultants and DSNs (diabetes specialist nurses), parents, observers and visitors from Diabetes UK head office. Which is absolutely essential when working together a) to represent and work in the interests of people with the condition and b) diversity of representation is required in order to implement the plans that come up.

Following on from the Swansea Half marathon there was a lot of type 1 diabetes on the agenda. I won't go into the nitty gritty of it now, as there is a fair bit to flesh out still. But there is going to be a real focus on physical activity and diabetes going forward... so watch this space. The council meeting was also a great opportunity to get a sneak peak at the new 'Diabetes and Burnout' resource, brought and created by Sara the transition care co-ordinator for Wales and John from the Children and Young People's Diabetes Network, with essential input from a psychologist too. Just some of the great work going on for young people with diabetes in Wales.


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