It's Perfectly Clear That Hydration Is Key

Recently, the team behind Perfectly Clear water very kindly sent me a selection of their new range of drinks to give a go. The timing couldn't have been better as I embarked on my training for the Swansea Half marathon and 10K races, as the weather peaked, giving us some of the hottest days of the year.

I'd say that what all of the Perfectly Clear still flavours I tried have in common, is that they taste fresh and juicy. I'm a firm believer in the concept that flavour should be perceivable and with this range it is. The lemon and lime flavour is the right side of crisp, whilst summer fruits is refreshing and strawberry slightly sweeter. My favourite flavour however, was the sparkling elderflower - first of all because it was grown-up fun. Elderflower is a flavour that just tastes like summer to me, but this is the first I've tried that's been sugar free.

Everybody's diabetes is different of course, but in recent years I've found that hydration has a huge impact on my blood glucose levels. That when I'm adequately hydrated things feel a lot more manageable. I'm not somebody that can manage drinking sugary drinks, unless required to treat a hypo, despite the freedom we enjoy with using an insulin pump. So it's helpful that the Perfectly Clear water collection is zero sugar and I could enjoy it without having worry about it having a detrimental impact on my glucose levels.

The Perfectly Clear range was kindly gifted for me to try by the company, however all views and thoughts expressed are my own


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