1 Million Steps Starts With The First One

Summer is a great time to get physically active, certainly it requires keeping an even closer eye on the blood glucose levels, but the good weather makes it enjoyable to be out and about in the great outdoors. With the Diabetes UK 1 million Step Challenge getting underway too, the timing couldn't be better.

The idea of the Challenge is to walk/ run/ jog 1 million steps from July 1st until the end of September. This works out at about 10,800 steps a day, so depending on how active your day is, it might involve walking to work instead of driving, or getting those 30 minutes a day of exercise in afterwards.

Showing how the aim of the Challenge as well as raising funds and awareness of the condition is to show how easily physical activity can fit into everyday life. Don't worry if you want to start the challenge and are worried that we're already a month in. Many smart phones gather data on steps without us even noticing, often found in 'health' apps stored on the phone.

31 days in and I'm 355, 000 steps down and enjoying the challenge, but I've had to be creative with how to get the steps in. I did really well in Lyon with my husband who is also doing the challenge, as company can act as great motivation, and not catching public transport was a great way to explore the city by foot. But equally, with the Barry 10K coming up on the weekend, I've been adding running workouts to my week.

With all of the different activities and in such warm weather, it's been really easy to have socks that are as versatile as the activities I've enjoyed doing. The short style Toe Tec socks have been great at blister prevention with their moisture wicking properties. Their lack of seams means a lot less abrasion helping keep the skin supple and without tears. So from step 1 to a million I feel confident that Toe Tec socks will match me stride for stride.


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