Day 3 - Home Workout (Week 1) Friday

It's Day 3 of the first week of home workouts today and we're going to be using more 'equipment' that would be found in many homes, it's the first step of the garden stairs! Of course, do be careful with this one, as it's going to require a bit of balance and concentration.

So, the session itself is 30 seconds 'on' the exercise, 1 minute 'off' recovery between each exercise and 6-10 minutes rest between each set, of which there are 2 in total. Don't forget to do a warm-up to get the body ready for exercise, I often do a 5-10 minute jog on the spot. Using the first step of my garden stairs, I did sit-ups with my feet on the stair, followed by single step ups onto the stair and stretching out my arms above my head.

Then, facing away from the step I did arm dips (almost like a reverse press-up) with my legs straight, lowering to the ground and back up for a full exercise. I then picked up the pace and did alternate jogging runs up and down that one first step, a plank with my arms and elbows on the stair and finally high knee step and drives.

The session is designed to be a whole body workout and the step is there to provide a little bit of an incline. I enjoyed the challenge of using commonly found home structures to inspire my workout and hope you will too.


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