Day 2 - Home Workout (Week 1) Wednesday

The home workout for day 2 can be found below! I had good fun writing this training session, as initially I planned for it to be a medicine ball circuit session, aimed at working the core, legs and arms. It was fortunate that I happened to have a med-ball in the house, but appreciate that this might be a bit unusual. In addition to the fact that it's really difficult to get hold of gym equipment and accessories at the moment, due to the apparent rush to buy them. So that got me thinking, what else could be used in place of the med ball? Well, the purpose of the med ball itself is to make the core work, to help strengthen it. So a pillow would work and could be a useful accessory for someone who has never done this type of session before. A bean bag door stop would have a little more weight to it, but would also be another alternative, as would a kettle bell too.

The other overall aim of the session itself, as with all of the sessions designed this week, was to start to build a level of fitness and conditioning, because if we're going to be in lock down for a while. It provides the opportunity to set goals such as increasing fitness and then at the end of the social distancing period, the home workouts could provide the opportunity to go for other challenges in the future. Kind of like the way that people start off doing the Coach to 5K programme, but once fitness and confidence has grown, this can often help people progress onto Parkrun, 10K races and even half and full marathons.

The session is a warm up such as a 5 minute jog on the spot. Then 30 seconds 'on' the exercises each pictured below and then 1 minute 'off' or rest between each exercise. Then once all 6 exercises have been completed, take 6-10 minutes recovery depending on your fitness level between the sets. Repeating each set twice in total. Followed by a warm down for 5 minutes jog on the spot again. If you'd like more details of how I did each exercise, the week's videos are on my highlights on Instagram (@Lifesportdiabetes).


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