Staying Active And Active Distancing At Home

The last few weeks and days have been strange and unusual times, and with the advice regarding the Covid-19 virus being for people to stay at home, especially if they're in vulnerable groups (such as people living with diabetes). Unless, for the specified reasons that the government has documented around getting medical supplies and essential food items, for example.

With social isolation being an important part of our immediate future, managing mental and physical wellbeing will likely need additional attention. With this in mind, I asked the question on instagram as to whether people would find it helpful for me to share the home workouts that I'll be doing. The resounding answer was a lovely yes (thank you to all of you who voted). I know that it's only a small gesture, but after nearly 20 years in athletics and the last year spent as a coach, I've seen first hand the benefits that physical activity has had on my own diabetes and that of others in terms of health and general wellbeing. Of course, as a disclaimer; you know your own fitness levels/ health and diabetes best, so workout within your own limits and seek appropriate advice before starting if at all concerned.

As a reminder in terms of diabetes management for physical activity, I think BIG (Blood glucose levels, Insulin and Glucose/ Carbohydrate); What are my blood glucose levels doing before, during and after the physical activity and do I need to make adjustments to manage them. I also consider what insulin on board I have and whether I need to make adjustments to my basal rates on my insulin pump. Finally, I think about glucose or carbohydrates throughout the day and shorten the type (from starch-based to fast-acting) up until I start exercising. But of course seek support or information from your diabetes specialist team if concerned.

The home workout sessions I do will be shared on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 6pm throughout the week on my social media channels. I'll be posting what session I do and videos of the activities on both instagram (@Lifesportdiabetes) and Facebook (Life, Sport and Diabetes). On Instagram the home workouts will be saved to my highlights, so look out for the badge, if you'd like to access them after they've been released. If you have questions or comments, feel free to post them on here or the social media channels!


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