Day 1 - Home Workout (Monday)

Well, here it is- coming to you straight from my garden, it's my first home workout that I'm doing and sharing with you, as part of the #ActiveDistancing initiative to help promote physical activity, whilst staying at home. This is a circuits based session, which means that it can be adapted to go at someone's own pace and ability.

The circuit consists of 6 different exercises, with each exercise that I'll do consecutively for 30 seconds and then rest for 30 seconds. If someone was new to fitness or this type of activity, they might choose to take a longer rest between each exercise, for say a minute or 2, as opposed to just the 30 seconds.

Once all of the exercises, which are shown in video format on my instagram (@lifesportdiabetes) and Facebook page (Life, Sport and Diabetes), are completed I then took a 6 minute rest (which again is adaptable) and once recovered repeated the circuit all over again. The exercises I did were; standing squats, press-ups, plank, lunges, superman (when the opposite arm and leg are stretched out) and finally sit ups.

This type of fitness session is inspired by the type of session I've often done mid-week with my training group over the years, particularly at the start of the winter or summer training season, as it helps build strength and fitness as a foundation to move onto other things. It works arms, legs and core areas throughout the session, which can be helpful when training a lot, because no one area is necessarily over-worked or strained.

As I've mentioned before, I'm sharing what training sessions work for me. Please remember that you know your own fitness/ health/ diabetes best. Seek medical advice if/ when needed, first if concerned about undertaking physical activity.


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