Diabetes Discovers No Limits - Day 4

With a shakey start to the weather we made plans to travel to the biggest shopping centre in western Europe- Westfield in Stratford, London. As a self confessed shop-aholic this was a great destination to discover some new trends and enjoy some shops that South Wales doesn't have. Including Forever 21 and new designer label store Choice.

After shopping 'til we dropped we hip-hopped it home for a quick change and back out to the theatre. Where we enjoyed a night of amazement at the War Horse. More play than musical I was astounded by the creativity of the mechanics that made up the horses, the scary war scenes and the gripping emotion surrounding men at war.

With such an action packed day, meal-times are even more important. Especially when your out in a place you might not know. Jamie's Italian offered healthy fresh food that kept me going until later. Hypos can be a real challenge in the warm weather too, so a tube of dextrose are always at my side- as you can't let a little thing like diabetes get in the way of a good day out!


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