Don't Let Food Make You Blue This Christmas - My Top 5 Tips To Happy Eating

The Christmas season can be a tricky time for people with diabetes what with all of the festive food and drink about, the Christmas parties, Christmas dinners and the family feasts. But I believe that having diabetes does not mean that we should have to abstain from eating and drinking. I think it just means being sensible and eating in moderation opposed to excess. This Christmas 2013 will be my 13th Christmas having been diagnosed with diabetes and so I'd like to take the opportunity to share some helpful tips that have helped me manage balance food and the festive season.

Top Tips for a Happy Holiday Season

Tip 1: Test blood sugars regularly - knowledge is power especially where diabetes is concerned. So it never hurts to test blood sugar levels regularly to prevent levels getting out of hand or highs and lows from ruining your holiday season.

Tip 2: Carbohydrate Count (where possible) - For those in the habit of carbohydrate counting don't become neglectful during the holiday season. For the pumper's- I find it useful to split my bolus sometimes if something I'm about to eat is very heavy on the carb's.

Tip 3: Everything in moderation - I was taught when I was younger that there was no need to live on lettuce and 'diabetic option foods' just to have a smaller amount of what I like in moderation instead and it's been really helpful over the years. Helping me not to feel restricted or overwhelmed by my diabetes.

Tip 4: Have plenty of supplies - Opening hours over the holiday season can prove quite erratic at times so get your supplies in in plenty of time. And think about possible problems such as adverse weather conditions or medication shortages that might become a possibility at this time of year.

Tip 5: Stay Active - Many people have time off over Christmas so why not make the most of the season and walk off the Christmas treats. In my experience diabetes loves exercise so test before you go and carry hypo treatments with you at all times. And enjoy some family time outdoors.


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