My Hypos and Hospitals Experience - Part 2

A couple of days ago I shared the experience with you that I'd had regarding the possible hypo that I experienced whilst training at the athletics track. It had been the first time I had collapsed in 10 years, so really knocked me for six. It also left me really confused as to what had happened, as my blood sugar monitor hadn't registered a hypo, but my symptoms had. This week it all became clear when my blood sugar monitor gave me an unexpected surprise...

Having got my confidence back with my training and getting back to enjoying sprinting at the track, regular blood sugar monitoring was at the top of my agenda in managing my diabetes care. Getting my blood sugars back under control even gave me the confidence to cycle 3 miles to training and back including a half a mile long steeply inclined hill in the process! The day after that I had been training in the evening, afterwards having had my tea and getting ready for bed I did my last blood sugar check of the day and had the shock of my life! My blood sugar monitor showed 0.6mmol! I nearly fell off my bed as I'd never seen a reading like that before in all my years living with diabetes. I called my partner for help immediately and straight away he asked me how I felt. And when I thought about it I didn't feel unwell at all. But I'd had a cold in the days leading up so was concerned that they could be masking the problem.

Immediately I tested again and saw 28.3 mmol on my metre, so either that was the quickest hypo recovery ever or there was something wrong with my machine. Either way I needed to find out immediately what was going on. My first initial thought was to go to the local supermarket to buy another monitor, however it was 11pm at night and I had a feeling that all of the metres would have been locked away. So we went straight to A and E I was sure not to drive just in case and in a few minutes we were booked in and being seen by a triage nurse. She tested my blood sugars and they were 27.0 mmol. But not having a working monitor I was afraid to give my normal correction dose in case my blood sugars plummeted.

A and E didn't have a spare monitor to give me so I was kept in the hospital until 4am being tested every hour and being told to wait for the doctor. After 4 hours of being there I realised the doctor was probably not coming anytime soon. Also by which point my blood sugars had dropped from 23.0 mmol to 12.1 mmol in the space of an hour and I was at risk of having a hypo. I went and found a nurse to try and talk to someone about this but was just told that the doctor was probably coming soon, but that there wasn't any food available should I have a hypo. Something I never thought would happen, but I decided to leave the hospital as I would be safer with treatment options available at home.

In hospital when the nurse was testing my blood sugar levels I decided to try out my old monitor and every time it was registering 3.5 mmol out. Which meant that it had been broken the day I knew I'd had a hypo...

But the drama didn't end there look out for Part 3 to find out how I managed to get hold of a new blood monitor the story of which will shock you!


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