Bluebell Beauty at the Wenallt

Although I'm about to start my exams for my degree in the next couple of days and am spending a lot of time studying indoors. It's still important to keep active, for well-being and also to help maintain my diabetes in terms of blood glucose levels. So today my Dad text me to tell me I needed to take a break and should venture out for a quick camera club adventure.

The Bluebells amongst the trees

As you see, we'd visited the Wenallt woods back in the Winter time which was lovely when there was a touch of frost in the air. But what the woods are really known for are the blanket of bluebells that sweep the ground at this time of year and so we didn't want to miss out on capturing the seasonal display of colour.

My Dad getting his shots of the bluebells without disturbing them

We weren't disappointed because the woods were exploding with the characteristic purple hue of bluebells and the lush green leaf that accompanies the delicate flowers. As we'd experienced heavy rains of late too, there were thick tufts of moss in some places too.

The old and the new
Sometimes we get so caught up in taking pictures that we end up walking for miles. So I'm always sure to blood test regularly and carry a supply, not just of a sugary drink but also carbohydrates just in case. As there's often nowhere to buy anything out in the woods and I don't like to take any chances with my diabetes.

Being this beautiful, sometimes it's hard to keep your head up

... And after an hours break I felt refreshed and ready to get back to studying!


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