ITV Wales Leaders' Debate

I recently joined some familiar faces from the Diabetes UK Cymru charity to attend the ITV Wales Leaders' Debate, ahead of the upcoming elections for the National Assembly for Wales. Where the leaders of the top 6 political parties in Wales joined presenter/ ring leader Adrian Masters to debate the top topics concerning the people of Wales. Represented at the debate were Labour party's Carwyn Jones the current First Minister for Wales, Andrew R.T Davies for the Welsh Conservatives, Leanne Wood for Plaid Cymru, Kirsty Williams for the Welsh Liberal Democrats, Alice Hooker-Stroud for the Green party and Nathan Gill for UKIP. Whom we joined in the live studio, as the debate was broadcast across the UK.

Key topics on the agenda for discussion during the debate were the potential loss of jobs at the TATA steel plant in Port Talbot, healthcare and services within the Welsh NHS. There were also debates on education and housing put forward from the audience. But unfortunately I didn't get the chance to ask my question on the diabetes crisis currently facing the people of Wales. Which was a shame because it's something that is obviously very close to my heart, already affects a large proportion of the population and will continue to affect more people if something is not done now.

There were quite a few heated debates between the politicians, which was good in some ways to see that they were passionate about their party's policies. The most interesting of which was on healthcare. But whilst a couple of party leaders came out in front in terms of their policies for Wales' future. There was no one clear leader or policy that made me decide to vote for them in the upcoming elections. However, I will watch how the political landscape develops over the upcoming days and will join thousands of others at the polls to have my say in shaping the way Wales is run.


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