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This month I had the pleasure of working with specialist diabetes footwear brand Toe Tec on a photoshoot for their upcoming launch. If you haven't seen my posts about the socks on Twitter and Instagram, then you may be unaware that they are another branch of the family of socks that I've written about before called Protect iT. Except the Toe Tec socks come in an even greater range of colour options, to match both your everyday or workout outfit. Looking after your feet is so important both when you have diabetes and when you're an athlete such as myself. Which is why it's such a pleasure for me to represent a brand that designs medically approved and scientifically engineered socks for people with the condition.

The photoshoot was held in Cardiff and as we changed locations throughout the day, it was a great opportunity for me to put the socks to the test too. The weather was quite changeable during the time that we were shooting and as I've mentioned before, it's very important for me to keep a good supply of blood going to my achilles tendon by keeping it warm, or it starts to complain. But the length of the Toe Tec sock style covered my achilles well and kept them warm, despite the cold wind that whipped up at times.

Betina the wonderful photographer we worked with for the shoot, selected Cardiff Castle's grounds as the first location to take some pictures. Which was great to be able to capture the iconic history that the city has to offer in the photographs. However, this involved some tricky navigation for me, walking up some of the steep banks of the green surrounding the castle keep, as you can see in the picture above. But the padded texture and close weave of the Toe Tec socks held my feet in place, enabling me to navigate the uneven terrain easily.

But little did I know, that this was just the warm up, as we moved to the beautiful Bute park located behind the castle itself, which is home to some great running trails. One of which is very special to me because it was where I carried the Olympic Torch almost 4 years ago. So re-running this route I really got the opportunity to stretch my legs and open up my running stride, whilst pacing along by the river. I completely forgot that I was wearing the Toe Tec socks meanwhile, which is exactly what you want from performance wear. To know that the socks are doing their job by keeping your feet happy, whilst you get on with your workout. We finished the photoshoot on a woodland assault course, and whilst I can't say great things about my balance, I can say them for Toe Tec socks in terms of style, comfort and colour!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored blog post which Toe Tec has kindly requested I write


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