Wedding Vows And Warm Feet

As you'll have seen on my social media, I got married this week, which I still can't believe, as it was such an incredible dream that it almost doesn't feel real. The day itself was the happiest and most enjoyable of my life, and I've enjoyed the days since the wedding too, hearing the little stories and comments about details that I missed on the day.

My husband (centre) and some of his Groomsmen

My husband and I have laughed and smiled at the photobooth pictures that our guests umm, gifted us with, if that's the right word. As, I saw members of my family dressed up in everything from rabbit ears, to silly hats and oversized glasses and worse! Clothing plays a huge roll in a wedding, from the months that I spent selecting my perfect dress to choosing the cutest dickie bows for the page boys.

My husband's not into clothing as much as me, so I was so surprised when he started telling me, the morning after the wedding, about how he had worn his own Toe Tec socks on the wedding day and that they were 'hands down the most comfortable socks' he had 'ever worn in his life'. He had put them on first thing in the morning with his wedding suit and new shoes, which had the potential to have rubbed him being so new. He then wore them until we went to bed in the early hours of the morning.

There was a vast amount of standing around during the day, walking about the grounds of the venue greeting guests and having photos, followed by a serious volume of dancing. But he said that his feet were so comfortable throughout the day, he thought he was wearing his old shoes. As there was no rubbing, his feet were cool and comfortable during the whole day. As I write now, he's currently packing more of his Toe Tec socks for honeymoon as he knows he can rely on them in the warm weather to keep his feet comfy as we explore what Mexico has to offer!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post in partnership with Toe Tec.

However, my husband was not sponsored to wear the socks and chose to wear them on our wedding day and let me share his thoughts.


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