A Toe-Tally Versatile Fit For Training Needs

Even after over a decade in sport, I still love the variability of athletics. How one day you can be haring around an indoor running track in your sprint spikes, the next you could be lifting weights in the gym and then the next day I'll be venturing outdoors for a sand dunes or track session.

I've mentioned before that each type of training session takes a different toll on my body and with this, each has a different affect on my diabetes. So I try and keep a training diary, in order to record the behaviour of my glucose levels and diabetes, to try and predict what will happen next time. As so many of us who have diabetes and do sport know, the condition can sometimes be unpredictable. That's why it's so important to prepare for physical activity with regular glucose testing and a supply of fast-acting sugar snacks.

But one thing that I am able to predict throughout the different training sessions that I do, is the behaviour of my Toe Tec socks. I've had a great experience wearing them outdoors. Even when there's been ice on the ground, they've kept my feet, ankle and achilles covered and warm. Which is partly down to the construction of the socks, which with minimal seams, fit my ankles without causing pain or restriction. 

Additionally, in the case of both indoors and outdoor training, the temperature of my feet is regulated, keeping them cool inside and warm out, as I find that I feel the cold more than some of the other athletes in my group. Indoors I've consistently worn my Toe Tec socks for blocks sessions, and they cope very well with the demands of high impact sprinting and explosive movements. Again, the clever construction keeps my foot anchored in place, even when the movement is dynamic and explosive, as it so often is in circuit training too. Which is ultimately why I think Toe Tec socks are such a versatile fit for my training needs!

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