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If you've been following my social timelines of late, you'll have seen that the last few weeks have been full of travel and adventure. Travelling out to the Netherlands for a blogger product trial, back to the UK to London to speak at a diabetes conference and then back home to Wales. It's been a fast paced few weeks, and that's coming from a sprinter!

For anyone who has flown via Schipol airport in Amsterdam, you'll know that it's one of the biggest airports in the world. I've had the fortune to travel a lot, but there are very few airports which have the stretching walkways to the gates like there. On my return to the UK for example, my gate was located a 30 minute walk away from check-in. Understandably, with diabetes, the continuous nature of walking to the gate needs a little bit of planning; a blood glucose check, perhaps a temporary basal rate for my insulin pump if needed, some glucose to hand and some comfortable Toe Tec socks and footwear!

But it wasn't just conquering Amsterdam airport that I needed padded sock-protection from blisters for. When I left Amsterdam I flew straight to London ready for the TAD talks diabetes conference. Making my way to Birkbeck college in central London, I also navigated the metres of underground tunnels from the tube. Stuffy and overcrowded, it was a relief to be wearing socks that wick away moisture, leaving my feet cool and comfortable before arriving at the conference. But they were also smart enough to be able to wear with my presentation wear. It was great to wear a sock that could keep up with my needs, enabling me to travel comfortably and unhindered.


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