Chasing A Parkrun P.B!!!

If you follow my social media you'll have noticed that I was very excited last Saturday to have smashed my Parkrun p.b by 15 seconds! It was the most amazing feeling at the time and I haven't stopped smiling since. For those who are new to the idea, Parkrun is a free, timed group walk/jog/run, with events that happen all around the country, always on a Saturday morning at 9am. My local Parkrun receives a big turn out, upwards of 500 participants each week, so there's always a warm and friendly atmosphere when you arrive. Which was helpful on the day I set my p.b, because the weather was a bit wet and windy and needed brightening up.

There were a couple of things that were special about the day now I look back, and I'm not saying what I did was everyone's recipe for success of course, but it certainly worked for me. I think my preparation really started the night before with a big bowl of pasta and bolognese. Which might seem insignificant, but with the energy systems that long distance running uses and especially with having diabetes, storing glycogen for energy is really important. I also had really even blood glucose levels overnight, which meant I woke up with good levels too. I had breakfast and tested my glucose levels again before arriving at the run, feeling that I needed a few jelly babies to help sustain me on the run I had those before lining up and carried some with me just in case.

I often get asked what I wear to manage my diabetes on the run and I think that that's a really important question because I want to look after my diabetes when I run, but not have to worry or be anxious about it. So for me that means being able to carry my pump, blood glucose testing kit, fast-acting sugar supplies and feeling comfortable. On my feet I had my lighter and faster running trainers and my Toe Tec socks, which I've especially noticed over the last few Parkruns give very good ankle support. Whilst we run on paths in the park, they can be a little wet after the rain, sometimes icy with the cold or sometimes there can be twigs and debris after a stormy night. This can mean making changes in direction as you run, picking up the pace to avoid a puddle or when heading to the finish line, so without ankle support I'd be a bit more hesitant about my pace. I was wearing the ribbed Toe Tec style sock, which fitted well around my foot, which is great because it's also good to come away from the run without blisters or feeling like my feet are rubbing.

So with everything in place diabetes and performance wise I got my head in the run and focussed on a fast consistent pace throughout which led to my personal best time. My dad, who is also my coach when doing athletics, runs too- so it was great to help encourage each other round to the finish line. But it was also a great turn out for volunteers last Saturday, so there was lots of encouragement out on the course, no matter how people decided to make their way around.


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