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As an athlete and as someone who used to work for a global sporting brand, you could say that I know my sportswear technology. As an athlete I appreciate the fact that the right designs, fabrics and ergonometry can shave seconds or even minutes off your time in a race. Living with diabetes makes you also appreciate how important it is to look after your feet and to avoid complications. So today I'm writing about Protect iT's new range- Toe Tech.

Toe Tech are a range of socks which actually have health benefits for feet as well as scientifically engineered technology, used within the manufacturing process, to provide a sock that performs under pressure. Recently I was fortunate enough to receieve some samples of the new range, which also come in quite a few different colours, and they were unlike any performance sock I've tried before. The samples that I received were the classic length, which measure just past your ankle. Which was handy because at this time of year when the weather is still cold, it's important for me to keep my achilles warm in order to get blood flow to the tendon and prevent any injuries. As I've previously suffered with achilles tendonopathy before, so protection and support for my achilles are high on my list of priorities. The first thing I noticed when I put the sock on was how smooth and thin the fabric was. Not quite like a denier but it did have a little of that fineness, but at no point did I feel like the sock would wear or break. Once I had them on I couldn't believe how light they felt. The Toe Tech socks also have a slight compression fit to them, which meant that they fitted beautifully to the contours of my foot. My foot then glided into my trainers and off to training I went.

During training I usually do my warm up in my trainers, as they provide a more supportive base for high impact movements. But when I'm ready to start running fast I change into my running spikes which are lighter, but also have less padding. Sprint spikes, by design are are very slim fitting, there is no loose fabric as they are designed for speed and need to be as aerodynamic as possible. I've found in the past that socks you buy from the highstreet which aren't designed for performance can bag up around your foot and cause rubbing and blisters. But there was nothing like that with the Toe Tech socks, they slotted into my spikes like a glove and if I'm honest, I forgot that I was even wearing them. Which when you think about it, is actually high praise indeed!


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