Braving The Storm In My Protect iT Socks Whatever The Weather

There's no two ways about it, the weather has been rubbish of late. One minute it's mild and you can enjoy being outdoors, and the next it's freezing with frost on the ground before it pours down and you get soaked. Which presents quite the problem whilst training!

This week we've been doing our best to manage the weather whilst training, which has meant that we've been sprinting indoors at the indoor athletics centre. Which was great because it means our muscles are warm and ready to fire in the hot temperatures! It also means we can run in a vest and shorts, nice and streamlined. So we got a great speed session done known as 'in and outs', where you change your speed continuously over a specified distance. It's quite tiring because you have to learn to work your body that little bit harder, whilst already working at maximum intensity.

Weight Lifting in my the gym in my Protect iT socks

We also headed outdoors for a few sessions and boy they were cold! I resembled a Jamaican version of the Michelin man stepping out on track with leggings, underneath trousers. Also a vest top, long sleeved top, thermal jacket and puffa jacket (gloves and ear warmer included). Which was the complete opposite to being streamlined! But it's still incredibly important to stay warm and regulate your temperature so that muscles are firing correctly to enable you to run fast.

Sprinting at the indoor track in my Protect iT socks

But the kit I had in common between all those sessions that I wore? My Protect iT socks, because it doesn't matter whether I'm training indoors in the warm or outside in the cold. They're cleverly able to thermoregulate the temperature of my feet. When it's warm my feet are able to stay cool and not sweaty, which is just part of how they're protected from blisters too. In the cold my Protect iT sports socks are able to keep my feet warm, especially my achilles tendon, whilst giving it the support it needs through clever fabric and construction technology. And all this is exactly what you need from your sports socks, you need them to work with you and as hard as you do. Being able to rely on their quality and comfort to aid you in your performance no matter what the conditions!

Post-circuit training with the group in my Protect iT socks


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