An Extra Bit Of Comfort On Set

This week I did something that was completely out of my diabetes comfort zone, because, I became a background extra for a new TV series. It was something that I'd never have considered doing before because of the unpredictability in routine of the day. From what I'd previously heard, actors and extras did long hours on set. With unscheduled meal breaks, and with scattered mealtimes in between. Which understandably sounds like a diabetes nightmare...

Or at least it would have been, before the days of continuous glucose monitoring. Before setting off to the studios for an early start, I calibrated my pump to check that the sensor was reading correctly, which it was. I also had a hearty breakfast so as to have those all important carb stores that would help keep me until lunch. Issue number two, now I had my diabetes treatment technology sorted, was where on earth did I store my insulin pump so as not to affect my costume. Well, thanks to my wedding a few months ago, I thought I would try strapping it to my leg. This was so that my pump was reachable, but also discreetly hidden. The band that I used had a pocket big enough to carry my full blood kit aswell as some dextrose too, which I'm sure is what made me feel so relaxed about the whole day, which did turn out to be quite lengthy!

In the end I was on my feet filming for nearly 8 hours! I don't want to spoil it or give anything away about the production. But let's just say the terrain we were stood on was pretty firm and not made for comfort. So I was grateful that I'd slipped my Toe Tec socks on first thing in the morning. As it also happened that I would be wearing brand new shoes all day, as part of my costume. So without my Toe Tec socks I'd have been sure that I'd have come away with blisters! But they actually added an extra layer of padding, that especially towards the end of the day, I was exceptionally grateful for. As you can see in the picture below I was wearing the nude coloured just past ankle length style, which didn't pop out from underneath my costume. They also covered the top of the shoes I was wearing to prevent any rubbing higher up aswell, helping give me that 'extra' bit of comfort for my first steps into film and TV!

This post was kindly sponsored by Reed Medical and the team at Toe Tec socks


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