Keeping Warm and Cozy In Autumn With Toe Tec

I can't believe that we've been officially back at Winter training for almost a month now. In some ways it feels like we've never been away, and in others (during the tough sessions) I can't believe we've still got another 6-8 weeks until the indoor season of competition. Initially, we were very lucky because the start of October was very mild in terms of temperature, and I remember remarking to my training group what a treat it was, to be able to train in shorts and a vest in Autumn.

Getting My Stretch On In My Toe Tec Socks

But perhaps I spoke too soon, as I'm sure that I won't be the only runner that's noticed the change in the temperature over the past few days. As I spend the majority of my time training outdoors, it's been incredibly noticeable that when training starts of an evening, the temperature immediately seems to drop, and you start being able to see your breath in front of you. The number of layers of clothing I need to wear has increased dramatically too, and gloves and a hat have become a staple part of my kit bag! This is the same for all of the training group, but I'm aware that with diabetes, it's very important to look after my hands and feet.

The Autumn Path

But whether I'm pacing up the sand dunes on a Sunday, or hurtling around the track mid week, circuit training or weight lifting, unbelievably, I'm wearing the same socks, which adapt in terms of temperature for all of those different training sessions. My Toe Tec socks even come in autumnal shades to suit the changing colours of the season, from browns and beiges to on trend nudes and neutrals.

Fresh Seasonal Produce From the Area Around the Sand Dunes

I've got enough to think about with regards to layering up and managing my diabetes before and during the session, which incidentally, the Toe Tec socks are designed with this in mind. As their minimally sewn seams mean that when I'm running over rough terrains, at the dunes for example, I find that there's nothing abrasive within the construction of the socks to rub me or cause blisters. Leaving me to concentrate on my performance, ready for racing in the indoor season ahead.

The Squad and Coaches Wrapped Up For A Tough Track Session

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