Warm Toes Whilst Cold As Ice!

This Summer has been one of many adventures and they didn't end with the World Athletics Championships either, because for the last fortnight I've been to Seattle, Alaska, Canada and back. It was truly the adventure of a lifetime and before I left, I spent the weeks and months leading up to the trip trying to prepare for what I would need to pack for the trip.

There were countless diabetes supplies, outfits for the heat of Seattle, the cool of the Final Frontier of Alaska and the balmy weather of British Colombia in Canada. Between exploring and cruising there was a lot to think about. But thankfully one decision was made easy and that was the one on what socks to wear.

As I knew that I'd be hiking through the woods and glaciers, then standing for long periods of time on boat decks looking out for whales, I needed something comfortable and warm in the cold and my Toe Tec socks were perfect for the job. In hiking boots they kept my feet blister free despite hours of walking on rough terrains. Then when it got cold when viewing the glaciers my feet were warm and cozy in my deck shoes.

Being such a versatile sock it meant that I didn't need to pack so many options, which saved room in my suitcase for souvenirs too! But joking aside, I truly put my Toe Tec socks to the test on my travels and they surpassed my expectations in performance, style and comfort.


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